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Интраоперационное и лапароскопическое УЗИ

BK Medical surgical transducers feature:

  • Excellent image quality, with high-resolution and deep penetration.
  • Contrast Imaging* capabilities.
  • Sterilization technique compatibility.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Extended cable length, for easier maneuvering even outside the sterile field.


Intraoperative Ultrasound - Your Viewing Finger

Real-time diagnostic and staging information for planning your surgery strategy with:

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  • flex Focus 700 system -or-
  • Pro Focus UltraView system and transducers:
  • 8814 — world's first surgical simultaneous biplane imaging transducer, for superior needle
  • guidance. Sterile single-use needle guides available.
  • 8815 — I-shaped transducer, for interventional procedures. Sterile, single-use needle guide and offset cable is a real advantage during biopsy or ablation.
  • 8816 — T-shaped transducer, featuring high-resolution and deep penetration.
  • 8824 — I and T shaped transducer, specially designed to reach areas like the liver dome, bilary glands and pancreas. Sterile single-use needle guides available.
  • 8809 — unique shape and flexible tip makes it easier to image difficult to access areas as well as perform procedures such as the Whipple.

 Clinical Advantages

Intraoperative ultrasound has consistently been shown to be significantly more sensitive compared to other imaging techniques.

1. By revealing more lesions, better defining the relationship between biliary structures, and by improving discrimination between benign and malignant lesions intraoperative ultrasound has been proven again and again to improve diagnosis.

2. Multiple indications for intraoperative ultrasound may be present during a single operation. For example during hepatic surgery, intraoperative ultrasound is initially indicated to obtain new information, then to guide biopsy and hepatectomy, and finally to confirm complete resection of lesions and to exclude intraoperative complications

3.Laparoscopy and Ultrasound Imaging mage the relevant regions and get the information you need to proceed. Our ultrasound systems, transducers and Contrast Imaging* capabilities let you visualize and explore deep structures to help overcome the limitations of laparoscopy.

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Laparoscopically-Guided Biopsies

Makes it possible to carry out staging in a minimally invasive way. In addition to biopsy procedures, laparoscopic ultrasound can be used with contrast-enhanced ultrasound and therapeutic procedures, such as radiofrequency ablation or cryoablation.

  • flex Focus 700 system or
  • Pro Focus UltraView system and
  • 8666-RF transducer and attachments with:
    • Both flexible and rigid options, making it easier to access any part of the liver.
    • No-Flex attachment secures transducer tip and prevents motion.

Clinical Advantages
The advantages of laparoscopy are well known; it is less invasive than open surgery, affords better patient comfort and less pain, and faster recovery. So, it is widely used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

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